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Alix has been living in the same town, the same house and the same room forever. Her life drastically changes the day after her 21st birthday, when her parents return home from vacations earlier than expected. Under the pretext of a messy house they decide to kick her out. Luckily Alix's friend Bibi is back from Montreal to work at the summer camp. Good news for Alix, that means she will be allowed to put up her tent in Bibi's backyard. Otherwise, all the people around Alix seem to be hiding. And without her wallet or her clothes, things kind of get complicated... It is a strange summer, scorchingly hot, and a caterpillar invasion is about to swarm over the region.

5 X 9 min. (45 min.)

Écrit & Réalisé par Catherine White

Produit par Camille Mongeau

Coton & Club

Fonds TV5

Fonds Indépendant de Production

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